Episode 7: The Moment your Gender Gets in The Way


Ok, I KNOW, it’s been a while… But we’re back!

For this episode of Moments, I explore what it means to be a women when chasing a career. A sports journalist, actor and director give accounts of how their gender has hindered them.

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The reason Moments hasn’t been released in a while is because I’ve been working on a few new Irish Podcasts. One of which being Personality Bingo with Tom Moran, its part of the Headstuff podcast network and I think its great.

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Episode 6: The Moment I Met My Sisters



This episode was completely unplanned. A few friends and I were hanging out and chatting about day-to-day things when Matt McCall asked ‘do you want to hear how I met my sisters?’. I stopped him in my tracks and grabbed my recorder. Matt was conceived through sperm donation and in this episode, he tells the story of how to came to meet his half sisters.

Matt is a journalist and wrote a great article for the Columbia Chronicle about his experience. That article can be found here.

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Episode 5: The Moment I Made a Friend



In the space of 52 minutes, Andrew Smith and I go from strangers to friends. This podcast is the evolution of that friendship from start to finish.

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Momentspodcast is now going to be bi-weekly so stay tuned in for much more fun to come.

Andrew’s music can be found here.

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Episode 4: The Moment you Find a Bargain



Is there a better feeling than finding a bargain? This episode is short, sweet and satisfying.

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The crazy thrift store is definitely worth checking out and can be found here.

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Episode 3: The Moment You Decide To Do What You’re Doing

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You’re almost finished school, the sugar coated lessons and packed lunches are coming to an end and every night lying in bed you ask yourself… ‘WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE?.’ Theres the constant pressure to do something ‘safe’ and something that you’ll make money from, deciding to follow the path of something you enjoy is constantly played out as ‘unrealistic’, ‘cute’ and ‘nice’.  WHY is there such bad connotations with doing something thats not traditional but your passion? In this episode I sit down with 3 fab girls who all decided to pursue different parts of the arts. We chat about making that decision, our fears of being in such unpredictable careers and how budget cuts for the arts are having such a negative effect on schools and colleges.

Contributors: Taz Kelleher, Florence Robinson, Carly Kane and Ella Scally

Cover Art by: Florence Robinson

Episode 2: The Moment you go Long Distance


We have all made friends in life that we instantly clicked with. You can finish each others sentences, have the same views on everything and know each other like the back of your hand.  But, what happens when one person, goes down a different path, moves away for college or just moves country? We all know the internet has made it easier than ever before to stay in contact, but does it actually work to keep a friendship alive

This episode, featuring on http://www.openended.fm/episode/61, is a real life example of when this happens.

Episode 1: The moment we all counted down for


We all remember that moment. THAT MOMENT. The moment that you counted down for, the moment that you thought would never come, THAT moment you believed would truly change your life as you knew it. Whether you were 9 or 29, somewhere in your your memories is that feeling of butterflies in the pit of your stomach or the nerves creeping through your body like a winters chill- all leading up to that one moment- your first kiss.