Episode 3: The Moment You Decide To Do What You’re Doing

podcast cover copy


You’re almost finished school, the sugar coated lessons and packed lunches are coming to an end and every night lying in bed you ask yourself… ‘WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE?.’ Theres the constant pressure to do something ‘safe’ and something that you’ll make money from, deciding to follow the path of something you enjoy is constantly played out as ‘unrealistic’, ‘cute’ and ‘nice’.  WHY is there such bad connotations with doing something thats not traditional but your passion? In this episode I sit down with 3 fab girls who all decided to pursue different parts of the arts. We chat about making that decision, our fears of being in such unpredictable careers and how budget cuts for the arts are having such a negative effect on schools and colleges.

Contributors: Taz Kelleher, Florence Robinson, Carly Kane and Ella Scally

Cover Art by: Florence Robinson

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